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Ekaterina Pushkarenko (guitar) - Andrey Subbotin (balalaika)

Interlude from the opera "Carmen" by Sarasate
by E. Pushkarenko (guitar) & A. Subbotin (balalaika)


The "Impromptu-Duet" was created in 2004. His members are the real professionals of the highest class, laureates of International competitions and festivals - Ekaterina Pushkarenko (guitar) and Andrey Subbotin (balalaika). The Duet can be definitely called the duet of soloists as the parts in the ensemble are equal and it makes the sound bright, unusual and dynamic.

The musicians write original remakes, make their own arrangements and they also invite modern composers to the mutual creative work.

The repertoire of the Duet includes remakes of popular melodies, arrangements of masterpieces of classical miniature and masterly variations of Russian music.

The program of the Duet is in great demand on the concert stage. The musicians have given conceits in many Philharmonic Societies of the Russian Federation (Irkutsk, Cheliabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Orlov etc.). In Moscow-the Duet is a welcome guest in such concert halls as The House of Scientists of The Russian Academy of Sciences, The Polytechnic Museum, the Country-estate Tsaritsyno etc.

The Duet produced two compact disks:

2005 - "Impromptu"

2008 - "Night is light" (Russian music)

The Duet "Impromptu" is ready to cooperate with different soloists-vocalists working in the following genres: romance, folk song, retro.

Now the Duet is an active creative unity giving concerts in different cities of Russia and abroad as well.


Ekaterina Pushkarenko was born in 1984 in Irkutsk.

At the age of 6 she began to go to musical school.

She studied in her father's class who is a teacher in the Children musical school No 2 and in the Musical College in Irkutsk. In 1994 - 1997 - Ekaterina became Laureate of several regional competitions.

She got Grand-Prix at the Town folk musical instruments competition.

In 1995 - 1997 she became Laureate of the Irkutsk mayor grant competition.

Ekaterina's first solo concert took place on the stage of the Irkutsk Philharmonic Society in May 1995. Her program included music for guitar solo and also for duet with her brother Evgenii. Since 1995 Ekaterina has been giving concerts on the stage of the Irkutsk Philharmonic Society yearly. In June 1997 she was invited to continue her education in the College of the Tchaikovsky Institute of Music in Cheliabinsk and since 1997 to 2000 Ekaterina's teacher was Honoured artist of Russia, composer, professor V.V.Kozlov.
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Andrey Subbotin was born in 1972 in Moscow.

He graduated from the Schnittke Moscow College of Music and The Gnesin Academy of Music as a balalaika player.

His teacher was Laureate of All-Russian and International Competitions, Honoured artist of Russia V.B.Boldyrev.

Since 1993 to 2002 - A.Subbotin was a leader and a soloist of Russian folk musical instruments ensemble "Old Moscow". As a member of the ensemble he collaborated with such musicians as People's artist of Russia A.Tsygankov (domra), Laureates of International Competitions I.Senin (balalaika), LAkulinina (domra), E.Shebalin (balalaika). A.Subbotin is an author of the arrangements, instrumentations and original remakes for the ensemble. The ensemble went on tour to Poland (Lodz), Germany (Ingoldesstadt), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, St.Polten), France (Paris, Shamilie). Video and audio recording was made.
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